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Reach Beyond Perfection! Reach High to Excellence! Reach Out to the World!

At the outset, I feel extremely delighted at Arena Animation-Rajajinagar having completed more than a decade of excellence and reaching an important moment in its history - a history that has had its share of triumphs and challenges. These years have gone by like the paintings on a canvas, a design in various hues of a dream, of the belief in a vision - a vision of creating a quality training infrastructure with a rich and challenging environment providing stability and progress through quality animation education.
These years are a very significant milestone for the institution, a beautiful landmark from the day it was inaugurated a decade ago. It is a celebration of growth, achievement and fulfillment. In these years of existence, the institutions have focused steadfastly on academic excellence and holistic development of each and every student in our care. As a result, our students have realized their potential and have been highly successful in their careers
Success it is said can be achieved step by step, little by little, bit by bit – the sure way to wisdom and the way to glory. These are the principles on which Arena Animation – Malleswaram has been built and has proved by example that the key to success is dedication, determination and a devotion to the things you want to happen. It is time to look back on a decade of progress with pride and joy, not to be complacent but to forge ahead by redoubling our effort with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.

On basis of our successful operations, we continue to grow and flourish. The Institution's philosophy has been to develop qualities through not only classroom/lab teaching and learning but also equally importantly through participation in co-curricular activities. We have a vibrant and talented student community comprising students from all parts of the country, who are actively involved in seminars, competitions, workshops, student tours and so on. These activities provide opportunities for them to apply concepts, framework, tools and techniques to real life situations, develop their skills in inter-personal communication, teamwork and organizational leadership.
Our programmes and activities are guided by our vision, mission and core values. Let me start first with the strengths and beliefs of our institution.


The world has come closer, the business has turned global, the old barriers are being broken and the new dynamism and survival of the fittest are the key words of the day. In this changing era of predominance of service effectiveness, we intend to deliver greater human skills.


To be an International Centre of Excellence in all aspects of Animation Education.

Overall Mission

The mission of the Institution has always been, is, and will be to develop innovative and talented future animators capable of managing change and transformation in a globally competitive environment and to advance the theory and practice of animation.
With the animation industry showing lot of promise in the years to come, it is the responsibility of institutions like us to deliver global standards of education to aspiring animators.

Being premier animation education institution, we continuously strive to remain at the cutting edge of technology in the various areas of multimedia and animation and provide the world with excellent animators.

I sincerely thank the students, their parents and most importantly our dedicatedteam of faculties who comprise the Arena Animation – Rajajinagar family for being highly supportive and co-operative through the years and for believing in the shared vision.

Hence, stride forward Arena Animation-Rajajinagar let your flag of excellence spread over wider horizons and let the years ahead be brilliant ones.


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