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Certification by Adobe is recognized as an industry asset—an immediate way for you to stand out and be noticed.


Arena Animation Malleswaram Multimedia Institute is an Adobe Testing Center in Bangalore

In this competitive world where getting a good job requires the right digital technology skills and knowledge then Adobe Certification is the best way to tell the world that you have the skills that they need. Today's competitive job market considers software proficiency to be essential in landing a good job and increasing your income. The industry in the present scenario is getting competitive and it can be difficult to stand apart from the crowd and your peers. Although many institutes provide the certificates to their students of their own in various fields but those certificates do not ensure the skills of a person as they can be taken up by anyone from anywhere.

Becoming an Adobe Certified helps you a lot as Adobe Certification is an industry standard of excellence and the best way to expertise in Adobe software. Arena Animation Malleswaram Multimedia offers various solutions that provide the most updated and relevant skills for the competitive global workforce. Arena Animation Malleswaram is an Adobe Authorized Testing Center and the only institute in Bangalore that offers advanced two weeks training required appearing for the online tests conducted by Adobe.


What is Adobe?

Adobe is considered to be a leader in numerous authoring software's and graphic designing software's founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. Adobe is a great place where lot of people work and it also welcomes exceptionally talented people to be a part of Adobe. This not only gives the person an opportunity to work with the best organization but also gives them a chance to bring out their innovation and make a difference.

Adobe is the world leading company in developing several products and these products are use that includes the leading products of industry having software's like Photoshop as well as other leading technologies like PDF (Portable Document Format) and authoring tools that help the customers to create and deliver rich content. The software's of adobe are used all over the world by different web designers, graphic designers, system integrators, and developers for different purposes.


What is Adobe Certification?

Adobe Certification is a program that has been offered by Adobe to prove that a person has achieved a certain level of knowledge in different Adobe products. It is the best way to tell the world about your proficiency in digital communication. Adobe is the only company that focuses on originality and creativity in Art and Design. Adobe Certificate is considered to be the most prestigious as it cannot be acquire by anyone without clearing the Adobe exam. The certification from the Adobe gives you a high level of esteem that ordinary certificate from other institutes will not provide. Talented students now have an effective credibility-building tool which they can add to their resumes: Adobe Certified Associate




Benefits of Adobe certification

Each individual set of exam conducted has its own set of benefits. It helps you gaining a high level of prestige which renders you different from other non-certified Adobe software users. It proves to be an important part of your career and the day is not far when this certificate will give you rewarding careers.

• Adobe certification proves your proficiency in the software's and expands the career opportunities. This certificate will give you more opportunities to strengthen your strong points and diminish weak points.
• This will definitely improve your knowledge and skills and helps in increasing your salary packages.
• Adobe Certification helps the students entering in the industry with little or no experience that they are capable of doing job.
• It builds your self-confidence and in a very short time you will get personal satisfaction which will be very impressive and innovative. You will be able to take up and build new projects easily without hesitation and also will be capable of making changes smoothly and efficiently.
• It may be taken as fun when people take up challenging aspects and they succeed in what they didn't even thought of.
• Make your own place in industry and stand out among your competitors.
• It gets your resume noticed by professional experts.
• This helps to gain recognition from your peers and building your importance at your workplace.
• After certification you can use Adobe logo and certification logo on your visiting card, website, and on any promotional material.
• Adobe also helps you in getting good opportunities in industry and offers various resources online to use and read.




Certifications Offered by Adobe

There are three types of exams conducted by Adobe to demonstrate the proficiency in single, multiple or a variety of adobe products. They are:

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Adobe Certification Associate certifies the basic knowledge of the students in Adobe products.
• Adobe® Photoshop®
• Adobe® Premier®
• Adobe® Flash®
• Adobe® Dreamweaver®
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

Adobe Certified Expert validates the professional level skills and this exam can be given by only that person who has passed the Adobe certification associate exam. This certification ensures an individual is proficient with all the feature of particular Adobe software. In fact, after getting the Adobe Certified Expert certificate, a person is eligible to take the Adobe certified Instructor exam. The different adobe products in which Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exams conducted are –

• Adobe® Flash®
• Adobe® Photoshop®
• Adobe® InDesign®
• Adobe® Illustrator®
• Adobe® Premiere Pro®
• Adobe® AfterEffects®
• Adobe® Dreamweaver®
• Adobe® RoboHelp®


Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)

Adobe certified Instructor must be the one who has passed Adobe Certified Expert in one or more software and satisfies the qualification requirements of an instructor. It has the capability to gain access to Adobe software than the regular customer. Adobe Certified instructor is a person who has taken his or her knowledge on the next level.
A person can chose to work in any of the categories depending upon his knowledge, skills, experience, certification level and interest after getting an adobe certification:
Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Exam
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Exam
ACE Specialist
ACE Expert
Adobe Certified Instructor
What is ACA?

Adobe Certificate Associate is a certification that is offered by Adobe. It is an entry level exam to validate the basic/entry-level skills of individuals needed to plan, design and develop effective communication using various forms of digital media such as graphics design and web marketing in the corresponding Adobe software. This certificate is essential for people such as high school students, teachers, professionals, and website designers who want to prove their skills in different adobe products. Adobe provides four different Adobe Certified Associate exams for individuals and for schools- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Flash.
Below is the sample certificate that is offered to the passing candidates by Adobe for ACA certification:



Why choose Arena Animation Malleswaram for Adobe Certification Associate- ACA

Arena Animation Malleswaram is the best known name in the field of multimedia. Arena Animation Malleswaram is approved by Adobe as one of the testing centers in Bangalore. Arena Animation Malleswaram institute also provides the two weeks of intense training to the students to provide the skills needed to pass the exam. The training will include the books, small batches, mock test papers which makes you more proficient in Adobe products. This training can be taken by the non-Arena students also. Arena Animation Malleswaram assures that after the training, student can definitely clear the exam. The exam will be conducted in the Arena Animation Malleswaram premise only. Student will get the certificate after the 21 days from the exam if he/she passes the exam. We can ensure that the students will get best possible training of highest quality.



Process of ACA Certification

The process of certification involves the need to study and prepare well for the exams in order to test your competency. It is a four-level process:

• A person needs to select the level of certification that he is interested into achieve the goal.
• Select the software in which you want to get certification. Choose from a variety of products depending upon the category of certification(adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier etc).
• A person has to register him/her for the exam and prepare for it.
• Attend 2 weeks intensive training for test/tests preparation with Arena Animation Malleswaram Multimedia experts.
• At last, take up the required certificate exam at the centre.
The person will get an official certificate by mail within four weeks of passing the exam accomplishing the logo of an adobe that will highlight your achievements.


Registration Procedure

• You can approach Arena Animation Malleswaram Multimedia Institute which is an Authorized Testing Centre (ATC) and register for the test.
o You can call us at 9845013791, 9845154274, 23562955, or 23463574 for the registration.
o You can write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. too.
• Take the test on the allotted date at our premise.
• Based on the test result, you will be notified accordingly and will receive a certificate from Adobe soon.
• Alternatively, you may register online. Just logon to www.certiport .com and create a username and password for the test schedule. Don't forget to select Arena Animation Malleswaram Institute of your ATC.
• Note: Our 2 weeks free of cost training assures you to grab this certification for sure.






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